Marijuana is legal however that does not change the cold

One of our best friends from middle school moved during our sophomore year, then her parents decided to move the family to a suburb in IL, then my neighbor and I did not talk again until all of us were at the same College, then the people I was with and I spent 4 years at the University of IL.

My neighbor went back to living in Orland Park, a suburb outside of Chicago.

After University was over, I went back to Utah. My neighbor and I lost touch, however she contacted me a couple of years ago. She was enthusiastic to find our profile on Facebook. The people I was with and I started talking about life and our jobs and she mentioned the fact that marijuana is legal in IL. She commanded that I move to Orland Park and live in an home with him. She knew a arena that was hiring and guaranteed she could find a job for me, however i did not consider the idea at first, because I thought it was a silly idea. Once I started thinking about the perks of living in a legal marijuana state, I decided to move. My neighbor and I have an home and the arena is actually sizable and spacious. I have a job laboring right in Orland Park, although I could commute to Chicago if necessary. It’s nice having legal marijuana, however that does not change the cold. For the first time in a while, I often wake up shivering. I even had to buy a space oil furnace for our living room, then even with the france running, the room still feels cold because of the multiple ceiling to floor windows.


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