Moving from the dispensary

I moved to this city because I heard it was a great place to make some cash.

The small towns in WA are honestly great if you want to get lost as well as step away from humanity for a while.

There are millions of acres of trees as well as woods where you can find tiny houses as well as clusters of land. As tranquil as well as peaceful as this may be, for a younger person who is ambitious as well as wants to make money, it is not that ideal. As soon as I had graduated high school as well as saved up a few hundred bucks, I drove 200 miles to start over in Seattle, WA. My first work was at a cannabis dispensary, which at that point had been my dream work for years. As an avid cannabis user, I thought that working at a dispensary would be the perfect fit. The fact that the dispensary was in Seattle made it all the sweeter, as well as for a couple of years I was enjoying my work. The problem came not because the work switched, but I realized I didn’t want to be middle aged as well as still working as a Seattle budtender. I still kept my work at the dispensary, but also started taking evening classes at the Seattle tech trade school. I wanted to stay in Seattle, because it felt like home, but working at the dispensary would only take me so far in life. Eighteen weeks later I got my certification in HVAC repair, as well as started working for a local Seattle contractor. Sometimes I miss working at the dispensary.
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