The Denver weatherman was wrong, wrong, wrong

Most people rely on the forecast, especially when it comes from a reputable weather person on the TV for the radio, however i’ve been getting my weather report from a Denver TV station for the past 15 years, there are numerous unusual Denver TV stations that have news plus weather, however I appreciate the ABC station. The weatherman has been reporting for 10 years plus the guy is almost always on the money, last weekend, the weatherman was wrong, wrong, bro, and he could not have been more inrespected in the worst time, my friends plus I decided to go camping in the upper elevations of Denver. There was no rain or cold temperatures in the forecast. My friends plus I were prepared with extra sleeping bags plus a battery operated heater… One time the two of us were stuck in the woods without any heat plus it was a entirely cold evening! Since then, I’ve always packed the battery operated heater, cold air was not our problem that evening. Shortly after the two of us finished lunch, drops of rain started to sizzle on the rocks outside of our fire pit. The rain started out slowly plus then it began to pour. Our tent was soaked with rain plus there was water on the floor. It was wet plus cold plus I spent the evening shivering. I couldn’t use the heater, because the entire floor was wet. I was upset the two of us might get electrocuted. I trusted the weather forecaster that evening plus he let myself and others down, however I wasn’t the only person surprised by the odd storm plus freak weather occurrence.


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