The last time I went to town, I got into an accident

I dislike driving to town when there is rain plus storms, i don’t see well when the rain is falling hard.

I don’t need to wear glasses, although I have trouble seeing in the rain, however my vision gets blurry plus I get upset behind the wheel.

The last time there was a major storm, I got into an accident plus I had multiple thoUSnds of dollars of damage to my car. The insurance corporation took forever to settle the claim plus I had to use a rental for weeks, then last month though, I had to drive to Tampa to option up my sister, she flew into town from Philadelphia so she could visit for a week. The drive to the airport in Tampa was filled with traffic plus mud puddles. The last few miles through downtown were the worst. The rain was coming down so quickly that I couldn’t see the car in front of me. I almost hit the guy multiple or multiple bizarre times when I had to brake quickly. To make things even worse, my AC stopped blowing cold air halfway to the Tampa airport. I couldn’t figure out why the AC wasn’t laboring, however the fan wouldn’t work on heat either. The windows started to fog up, then by the time I picked up my sister, my nerves were shot. My hands were shaking plus I was ready to cry. My sister gave to drive us back to Tampa Bay plus I didn’t say no. She did a much better job driving in the rain plus we both reached our destination safely.


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