There are so many museums!

Ever since going to see museums for extra assignments in class, I have grown fond of them.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a museum of natural history or an art gallery, I love to grab a friend and spend a few minutes roaming the endless halls.

It’s easily special taking a glimpse into the past with the artifacts on show inside. When I was a child going to school in Alberta, Canada, we used to visit the natural history museums in Edmonton and Calgary, and my number one part about these field trips was getting to see the large dinosaur bones. In Canada many woolly mammoth bones have been found and there is no shortage of them in natural history museums from the pacific coast to the atlantic shoreline. These towering creatures existed until the Holocene epoch when they went extinct, the last in a long line of mammoth species existing on Earth. When I moved to Toronto from Alberta, I was shocked by the complete number of museums in the city. For instance, there is the Scarborough Museum, the Ontario Science Center, the Canadian Language Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum, and The Black Museum to name just a few. Recently my close neighbor Ian and I decided to get high with a cannabis vaporizer pen before spending a Friday morning at the Aga Khan Museum. This amazing museum showcases Islamic and Persian art and is a showcase of Muslim culutre. I enjoyed walking the halls after a few hits off a cannabis vaporizer pen. It’s even better enjoying Toronto’s many museums when you can stash a cannabis vaporizer pen in your bag.


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