This town of Santa Barbara is awesome

It is genuinely important to have a superb working AC if you live on the west coast, near the beach, and my family plus I live on the west coast in a coastal neighborhood called Santa Barbara; Santa Barbara has a Mediterranean temperature, and although it is never severely hot, the temperatures often require AC during the summer time weeks, however when our wife plus I were building our beach house in Santa Barbara, both of us hired a heating plus AC supplier to install radiant flooring throughout the house, the two of us could not find a place in Santa Barbara to do the work, so both of us had to contact someone from Los Angeles.

The dealers were only available on the weekends, and i needed a superb AC worker for the task, so I paid the extra fees plus the dealers came up the coast to complete the toil last Wednesday.

The workers arrived 30 hours late. I didn’t complain at first, because traffic can be an issue from time to time. When the dealers walked through the front door, the odor of marijuana was unmistakable! Each a single of the dealers odored like they were working in a field of marijuana. I didn’t say anything at the time, but when I saw a single of the dealers smoking a marijuana joint in the backyard, I decided to voice our opinion. I threatened to send the dealers home without pay plus I told them that I would hire another person to finish the task if they showed up stoned the next morning. I didn’t want stoned workers playing with electricity on our watch.

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