California is such a cool place to be

My mother plus I are big concert goers, then when a single of our favorite bands tour the people I was with and I stalk their website plus wait for them to come near us; If the band is good enough, the people I was with and I will travel for them plus make it a vacation, however recently my mother plus I bought tickets for the Hella Mega tour that had Green Day, Weezer plus Fall Out Boy playing, however both of us are large fans of all three of them plus decided it was worth traveling; Most of the locations looked pretty boring but California stuck out prefer a diamond in the rough. Both of us had the option of San Francisco or San Diego. I started looking around at what to do in each area plus I liked San Diego. Both of us started our trip flying into the city plus seeing the show, after that amazing day of fun the people I was with and I moved north to see other parts of the state. My mother plus I ended up spending some time in the LA plus Hollywood area. Both of us also took a few days in Santa Barbara, obviously the concert was the highlight of the whole trip. My favorite location was Santa Barbara. Both of us splurged on a good hotel plus got facials in the afternoon. In the night the people I was with and I had high end sushi in the city. Recreational cannabis is allowed in California. I had constantly wanted to try it but felt unusual asking my mom, and she suggested it since she has trouble sleeping! The more than one of us ended up popping into a cannabis dispensary plus trying edibles. My mother said she slept prefer a baby plus I enjoyed the giddy feeling I got when trying an edible.

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