Cocoa gets a lot of humidity being right on the Atlantic Ocean

I grew up in a rather dry area of the northern midwest.

My parents live where there are heavy winds and no natural or manmade bodies of water. When winter unleashes cold temperatures, snow, and ice, the humidity falls below 30% outdoors. For anyone who isn’t used to living in this kind of dryness, they don’t understand how easy it is for the skin on your hands and face to crack and bleed. You have to use quality hand lotion if you want to keep using your fingers throughout the day. Otherwise your skin will dry out and lose its elasticity in a heartbeat. Now that I’m living in Cocoa, Florida right next to the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean, I’m dealing with an excess of humidity instead of a deficit. I wanted to move to Cocoa since my girlfriend and I took a spring break trip to Cocoa Beach one year during college. We had so much fun in the area that we devoted the next few years towards saving money to move here. Although I prefer the slightly wetter environment, that means you have to be extra vigilant to keep the moisture below 55% in your home to prevent mold growth. One way to avoid high indoor humidity is to purchase an air conditioner that can handle the moisture that you get in a place like Cocoa or Titusville. Beyond using a quality central air conditioner to keep the moisture at bay, I also use a dehumidifier in my condo in Cocoa. Between the dehumidifier and the central air conditioner, I can usually keep my indoor humidity below 40% during the day and below 50% at night.
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