Cocoa gets a lot of humidity so you have to install an air conditioner

I grew up in a rather dry section of the northern midwest.

My parents live where there are heavy winds & no natural or manmade bodies of water.

When Winter time unleashes cold hot & cold temperatures, snow, & ice, the humidity falls below 30% outdoors. For anyone who isn’t used to living in this kind of dryness, they don’t understand how simple it is for the skin on your hands & face to crack & bleed. You have to use quality hand lotion if you want to keep using your fingers throughout the day. Otherwise your skin will dry out & lose its elasticity in a heartbeat. Now that I’m living in Cocoa, FL right next to the Indian River & the Atlantic Ocean, I’m dealing with an excess of humidity instead of a deficit. I wanted to move to Cocoa since our girlfriend & I took a Spring cut trip to Cocoa Beach 1 year during university. We had so much fun in the section that all of us devoted the next few years towards saving cash to move here. Although I appreciate the slightly wetter environment, that means you have to be extra vigilant to keep the moisture below 55% in your apartment to prevent mold growth. One way to avoid high indoor humidity is to purchase an cooling system that can handle the moisture that you get in a place like Cocoa or Titusville. Beyond using a quality central cooling system to keep the moisture at bay, I also use a dehumidifier in our house in Cocoa. Between the dehumidifier & the central cooling system, I can usually keep our indoor humidity below 40% during the day & below 50% at night.


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