Do I absolutely have to go with you?

My parents were going to Lansing, IL to visit my uncle as well as her uncle.

Dad wanted to help Aunt Louise with the current baby.

I was sixteen as well as felt that I was outdated enough to stay house alone, but Dad as well as dad did not agree. They wanted myself and others to go to Lansing, IL with them. I don’t suppose it was so much wanting myself and others to go, but they were demanding I go to Lansing, IL, with them. There wasn’t anything there for myself and others to see. It was my Christmas getaway, as well as I wanted to spend the holidays with my friends. Dad as well as dad were hearing none of it, as well as I was soon in the vehicle heading to Lansing, MI. It was too chilly to go to the beach. It seemed the number one thing to do there was kneel inside as well as listen to the gas furnace running. I had no intention of spending my time listening to a gas furnace. Instead of staying inside, I headed into town. I met the nicest girl when I was walking in the mall. She was telling myself and others how they were having a Wintertide festival down by the school. She told myself and others when as well as where to meet him as well as her friends. I could not wait to tell my Dad about Matt. When I got home, Matt was in the driveway. I didn’t think that Matt was Uncle Bob’s nephew. Matt started to laugh, as well as I was laughing with him. A horrible trip was turning around. My parents were going to listen to the gas furnace run while I went to the festival with Matt.

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