Driving through Portland, OR

Friday I was working at the dispensary plus traffic was easily insane! I sat in Portland traffic nearly half of the day.

I usually supply various or seven weird orders during a half shift, however I only made it back to the store twice during the four-hour rotation, and every time I had a delivery downtown, I had to lay in traffic, then the problem is absolutely the roads in Portland. There is constant construction all over the site. It would not be horrible if there were weird ways around the city. Unluckyly, I have to take this route to make all of my deliveries. This is the closest exit to the interstate plus the next one would add 25 minutes to my drive! One of my deliveries on Friday went to an house complex only more than two blocks away from the store. The purchaser only provided me a $1 tip plus I spent 30 minutes delivering the marijuana because I had to lay in traffic the entire time. I understand this is the reason why our customers don’t want to go out either, however I absolutely wish they thought about that when they were tipping us for our services, and during that various hour shift, I only made $23. On a usual Friday I make seventy or eighty dollars. I left the store feeling totally deflated plus upset. I didn’t even make enough money to cover the gas on my diesel truck. Thankfully, Tuesday cannabis deliveries were a lot better. That’s the only day during the week when there is no highway construction plus traffic slow downs.

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