Light snow was falling

Ever since the quarantine shutdown businesses, recreational marijuana delivery has been widely available across the Denver metropolitan area… Denver has had legal recreational cannabis for almost 10 years, however many suppliers only recently started delivering, because of the quarantine and low number of people allowed in the store at a single time, then i was a single of the first drivers hired to work at a recreational marijuana delivery repair in the Denver metropolitan area.

I started toiling at the shop in the middle of January, but the weather was harshly frosty and the two of us had a light snowfall on the first weekend that I worked; Light snow started to fall around 7 PM.

It was already dark at that time. The city of Denver was covered in a number of thick clouds, but when the light snow started falling, I turned on the heat inside of our car. It kept ice from accumulating on the windows and the doors… Shortly after 9, I had a delivery about several blocks away from the store. I expected to be in and out of the apartment in a few minutes, but I fell down the stairs after slipping on some ice. I banged our leg badly and I had a sizable gas on the left side from hitting a metal pole. I had to contact the dispensary and I told our boss that I was not going to be able to finish with the deliveries. I had to go to the emergency room to have a nurse look at the damage. I ended up receiving 13 stitches in our leg and I had to complete a round of tetanus.
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