My friends didn't believe my story until thy saw the news

I like going to the beach on a hot day.

It saves money, because you don’t have to run the AC all day.

AC bills are extremely high during the summer months, especially here in Tampa. My friends and I have been to Clearwater Beach a hundred times and we’ve never seen a great white shark. We’ve seen a number of other sharks like hammerheads, nurse sharks, and black and white tipped sharks. Until last weekend, I had never seen a great white anywhere in the warm waters of Clearwater Beach. When I came back from the beach and told my roommates about the encounter, they didn’t believe me for a minute. They thought I was trying to make a joke. I told them the entire story in graphic detail, but they still refused to believe my story. I would have been more upset, but most of my friends are morons. Later that day, we were sitting in the living room watching the Clearwater Beach news. There was a story about a person that saw a great white shark and they caught the shark on camera. In the background, you could see me standing at the beach. I quickly hit record on the machine so I could have it forever. My friends didn’t believe me until they saw the news story, but now they want to know every detail. We sat in the living room until the early morning hours discussing my brief encounter. Those guys would believe anything they see on television and that’s a scary and dangerous thought.

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