Sitting on the banks

When my bestie and I first met at Algonquin College, the people I was with and I immediately bonded over our mutual love for marijuana.

While my family was fairly conservative and hated the plant, my bestie came from a long line of cannabis growers. Her dad is a master grower for a immense cannabis company here in Ottawa. Before he moved his wife and child to the Ottawa area, they were living in Vancouver, British Columbia, the former mecca of marijuana for all Canadian provinces. But once the federal government legalized marijuana for medical use in 2001, things started to look up for my bestie’s father. He found an up-start cannabis company that needed a master grower. Now that cannabis is legal recreationally for all adults over 19, my bestie’s dad is busier than ever before. He lives in Nepean where his business’s marijuana growing facility is situated. It’s great getting access to some of the best marijuana in the country because the people I was with and I find out when fresh batches leave his growing facility and when they arrive at retail locations in the neighborhood and the rest of the province. There are few things the people I was with and I care about more than smoking joints at the midnight minute along the banks of the Rideau Canal, which splits off from the greater portion of the Rideau River right when it reaches Mooney’s By Park and Beach and Hog’s Back Park. Or the people I was with and I can drive to the Dominion Arboretum and walk through the trails of the Fletcher Wildlife Garden. Both of us never run out of lovely attractions to visit in Ottawa, especially if the people I was with and I involve cannabis consumption!

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