Visiting the Tampa Museum of Art while getting our modern heat pump installed

I started living in Hillsborough County after our parents moved our siblings and I northward from our old apartment in Fort Myers.

It was in a dangerous area of the city and we only lived there so we would be in closer proximity to our Grandparents in Fort Lauderdale.

When our Grandparents sadly passed away, our dad accepted a position at his company in their Tampa office and decided to get us closer to his job. It was nice being in such a geologically diverse section love Tampa is as it peers out into Tampa Bay. One of our earliest memories of the Tampa section was traveling from Fort Myers to the Tampa International Airport. Even though there is a big airport in Fort Myers, some of the flights out of Tampa were so much cheaper back then that we’d save money and spend area of the difference in gas while leaving our cars in overnight parking. Since it’s easier and quicker to get to the Tampa airport by driving through St… Petersburg, we would drive over the Sunshine Skyway bridge. Being on the bridge for the first time as a young child and peering out into the big expanse that is Tampa Bay was an exciting experience. Once our parents moved us into the Tampa Bay area, we would drive over the Sunshine Skyway bridge on a official occasion. But the other arena in Tampa that caught our eye early on was the Tampa Museum of Art. It had been numerous decades since last going to see when I killed an day Last weekwaiting on our modern heat pump to get installed. I left the heating and cooling servicemans at our apartment with our acquaintance supervising and decided to spend that day at the Tampa Museum of Art. Their indoor temperature is constantly cool, however not cold either.


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