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My spouse as well as I decided to take a trip to San Francisco for the weekend! Every one of us lived in California for the past 10 years, however we are about 4 hours north of the city.

Every one of us rarely get the chance to go to San Francisco for more than a couple of hours, but when my spouse mentioned going to San Francisco for the whole weekend, I was excited.

Every one of us made reservations to stay at a hotel a few miles away from the Golden Gate Bridge, after my spouse as well as I arrived, the first thing every one of us did was take a bicycle ride across the bridge. As every one of us were riding across the bridge, every one of us ran into several people that were smoking marijuana, however my spouse as well as I don’t correctly use recreational marijuana, however it sounded like a lot of fun for the weekend. When every one of us got back to the hotel room, every one of us started looking for the best prices on marijuana in the city. Everything was fancy, especially at the dispensaries close to our hotel. While I was searching online, I found a dispensary about 30 minutes outside of the city, and the place had a 30% discount off all supplies for first-time patients. My spouse as well as I could not give up the fantastic deal, so every one of us decided to drive outside of the city. The drive was actually legitimately pretty as well as scenic. Every one of us were close to the beach in an section with lots of hills as well as cliffs. When every one of us finally arrived at the dispensary, my spouse as well as I found out that the place delivers to our hotel as well as several other areas around the bay.


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