I didn't understand the lady on the message at all

A client called the help line last evening and left a voice message, then the client was harshly hard to understand! I tried my best to make out the message.

I could hear the woman telling me that the problem was the A/C unit, although I did not hear most of her cellphone number or her name.

I knew she would mentioned Orland Park, which is a small suburb outside of Chicago; Orland Park is an section that the people I was with and I service. I tried to match the cellphone number with a single of our existing buyers, although I didn’t have any luck. I hoped the client would call again. Around 10:30 in the day, I saw another cellphone number on the caller ID from Orland Park. I hoped it was the same client calling again. I answered the cellphone and the woman on the line started yelling and screaming. She demanded to guess where the maintenance worker was to maintenance her A/C unit. I asked the woman entirely politely to calm down. I asked her if she had an appointment. She told me that she left a message on the answering maintenance and then the people I was with and I knew the lady was the lady the people I was with and I were trying to reach. I calmly told the woman that her message was too hard to understand. I told her that the people I was with and I had a maintenance worker laying by and the people I was with and I would send someone immediately. After the woman realized that the problem was a easy miscommunication error, she stopped yelling and asked me to send someone as soon as possible.

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