I enjoy a little weed

I grew up in the middle of the country, surrounded by corn & potatoes; The city where I was born out of a population of 350 people, however i never thought about leaving the farm & my family until I was approached by a recruiter to go to school.

  • I had a pretty great arm in private school & I excelled in football.

I never thought I would be gave a scholarship; When I had several offers while in my senior year, I was just as surprised as my Mom & Dad. I had several offers to play school football & I knew that was my only pick to get out of the small town. I actually had a lot of choices & I could have chosen to play football at a school on the East Coast or the West Coast, then legal recreational weed is a single reason why I decided to transport to San Francisco, CA. I accepted a scholarship from a school near San Francisco! At the time that I started school, I wasn’t aged enough to appreciate recreational marijuana. I still enjoyed recreational marijuana with my friends every once in a while. When I was aged enough to purchase their products, I entirely spent more time using recreational marijuana supplies. After school was over, I found a job in an industry that allowed me to continue using recreational & medical marijuana supplies. My life is vastly weird than it would have been if I would never played football & never got the chance to transport away from that small town. I’m entirely thankful for all of the opportunities.

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