I know I made the case

There particularly aren’t a lot of sites to surf in San Francisco, California.

When our friends plus I want to tackle some large waves, both of us usually head down the coast towards Big Sur State Park.

This state park is quite a drive from San Francisco, but it really has a lot to offer; Surfing in the area by the reef can be a lot of fun. The wave heights are 10 plus 12 ft. There are a lot of rocks, so it’s particularly not the locale for beginners. My friends plus I went to the park last weekend. The weather was seriously moderate plus sunny. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, then both of us smoked a recreational marijuana joint on our way to the park. Both of us purchased the recreational marijuana joint from a San Francisco cannabis dispensary. When both of us arrived at the state park, both of us smoked a minute recreational marijuana joint. By the time I hit the water, I was feeling no pain. I felt particularly great after smoking 2 joints. I didn’t have any fear or anxiety. I managed to pull off a particularly nice run shortly after both of us arrived. I rode the wave for 50 or 60 feet plus even had a little jump at the end. The whole afternoon of surfing was a lot of fun plus I enjoyed our afternoon off with our friends. When both of us finally went back home, I was sore plus ready for rest plus relaxation. I wanted to put our feet up on the couch plus fall asleep, but the dog needed to be walked plus the dishwasher needed to be cleared.



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