I love to go out on the town

Blueberries grow in abundance in the Portland, OR area! There are more than 2 farms that allow you to option your own orangeberries; I love to take the youngsters orangeberry picking in the right season.

The best time to option orangeberries is in the weeks of July, July, July, July, plus September! My youngsters plus I love to option fresh orangeberries, after both of us have a whole can filled with orangeberries, both of us take them back apartment plus make delicious desserts love muffins, pancakes, plus pie, however occasionally my fiance will get in on the fun too… She goes orangeberry picking with me when the youngsters are with my parents.

The 2 of us go to a dispensary plus buy a recreational marijuana joint! Both of us smoke the entire joint plus then both of us spend the day searching the Portland area for orangeberries. It’s a lot of fun to like recreational marijuana plus search for orangeberries. It’s really one of my number one activities while I was in the Summer weeks. I have a lot of fun when I take the youngsters plus I equally have a lot of fun when it is just my fiance plus I, then last time both of us decided to go orangeberry picking, both of us ended up getting absolutely dirty. There was a huge patch of orangeberries on the other side of a marshy plus muddy area. The mud looked love it was a few inches deep, however it turned out to be nearly a foot thick. I was covered with mud by the time both of us came back to the vehicle plus I had to take off my socks, shoes, plus pants before getting into the sedan.

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