It rains a lot in San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is a lovely place to work and live! The weather is always cool and breezy and the sunlight shines a lot… It also remains a enjoyable deal in San Francisco, but last weekend the rain made it undoubtedly strenuous to go anywhere.

  • It was wet and cold, and the clouds surrounded the entire city, then my bestie and I were supposed to go out to the bay on Saturday.

Instead of going out on the town, every one of us decided to stay indoors, but all of us picked out a film to watch on Netflix and every one of us grabbed the kindle to shop online for recreational marijuana supplies; Recreational marijuana has been legal in the state of California for more than a decade… Delivery options have been available for a while as well. All of the recreational and medical marijuana dispensaries offer delivery services, especially in the city. My bestie and I picked out a couple of items from the dispensary, then one of the products every one of us were most excited about was a gram of live resin diamonds. The live resin diamonds we are a bit on the expensive side, however it was a rainy morning and every one of us felt enjoy spending a little bit more currency. The driver showed up with our live resin diamonds about multiple minutes after every one of us placed the order. All of us didn’t expect the woman any sooner, because of the rain and horrible weather, then she was legitimately wet and totally drenched from the rain water. My bestie and I decided to supply the woman a much greater currency tip since she had to deal with the horrible and excruciating weather outside.



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