My apartment near Scottsdale got a new air conditioner

Surviving in AZ is getting harder now that the real estate market is tightening.

A few years ago it was self-explanatory to rent a multiple-living room home in Maricopa County for just $1000, however not any longer.

There are hordes of people leaving CA as well as coming here because they can no longer afford to live in the Golden State. Both of us have similar weather in central AZ compared to CA, as well as there are always locales prefer Flagstaff to the north if you want even milder temperatures or mountainous regions. I’m perfectly content living in the Valley of the Sun, whether it’s in Phoenix, Maricopa, Mesa, or in my current apartment that is on the edge of Scottsdale. I’m near the AZ Falls at the AZ Canal as well as love riding my bike there on the weekends. Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to have my central air conditioner substituted as well as replaced with a system that has a better SEER rating. The apartment board discussed current air conditioners a few years ago, despite the fact that I don’t remember hearing any updates about the decision in the time since. Temperatures in Phoenix genuinely get up to 110 degrees in the summer time so a strong air conditioner is a must for survival. After the current air conditioner was installed in my apartment, I could think the difference in the strong current of cold air coming from my ceiling vents. I’m blissful with my current air conditioner as well as ready for anything this summer time has to throw at myself and others as far as temperatures are sad. It might get up to 115 degrees this summer time prefer it did in WA state last summer.

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