That is very concerning to me

The final straw was the oil furnace

My mom and Mom only left our siblings and I alone in the home a couple of times when both of us were teenagers, then i remember 1 of those times actually vividly in our head, because so multiple things went wrong, however my parents went to Evansville, IN for a get-together. My siblings and I were playing baseball in the backyard, and one of the balls got hit too hard and it broke a window in the garage door. My siblings and I were all freaking out because both of us thought both of us were going to get into trouble. I planned to tell our mom and Mom that it was our fault when they came back from the get-together in Evansville. My Mom worked for an insurance business in Evansville and our parents were at a get-together to celebrate a promotion that our Mom had acquired. I wasn’t going to call them with terrible news and spoil our Mom’s large night! The window turned out to be no large deal, especially after the family room sink started to overflow. I loaded the dishwasher and hit the beginning button just like any other night or day; Water started spraying out of the sink. I was in the entryway when the water started spraying and everything was covered with water. I shut off the dishwasher and I figured our Mom could deal with it when he got home. The final straw was the oil furnace. My siblings and I were sitting in the entryway when I heard a actually loud and scary sound coming from the basement. It absolutely sounded like a problem with the oil furnace and shortly after the sound, the oil furnace stopped running and did not come back on.


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