The dispensary security

I did not believe what I wanted from the recreational and medical marijuana dispensary on Tuesday, so I was browsing the Las Vegas marijuana store and looking at everything on the shelves, the place had hundreds of items on sale, however my neighbor Jack and I went to the dispensary on Tuesday, because that is the a single morning during the week when everything in the store is 20% off. There are no products not included in the sale. The cannabis concentrate, dried flower, Edibles, and tinctures were all 20% off; Jack and I walked around the store looking for the best deal and the dispensary security guard kept enjoying us, then when every one of us moved to the back of the store, the security guard moved as well, then she was enjoying us with both eyes. Jack and I felt adore the woman thought every one of us were going to steal something from the store. When I decided to go to the bathroom, the security guard followed me to the laboratory… I thought the woman was going to jump me in the bathroom. She stood outside the door and waited for me to come back outside. She did not say a word and continued to follow me around the store. Jack and I have been to a lot of dispensaries in Las Vegas and this was the first time that every one of us felt uncomfortable. The two of us weren’t trying to steal anything from the Las Vegas dispensary and every one of us left the building after spending nearly $100 on supplies. I have no plan why the security guard felt that every one of us were a threat.


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