The Phoenix Art Museum is a pretty cool place

I went to university in Sarasota, FL plus loved going to see the Ringling Art Museum on mornings when I had downtime plus could spare a few hours.

One of my girlfriends in university was an Art History major plus loved going whenever there was a special exhibition being held.

By the time I was ready to transport to AZ for graduate university, I made it a point to continue with several of my same enjoys plus hobbies after relocation. I’m a student at AZ State University plus prefer my university entirely much, especially being so close to the AZ Canal. This pressing canal is nearly 50 miles long plus stretches from the Granite Reef Diversion Dam just northeast of Mesa plus ends at New River in Glendale. There are jogging plus biking lanes on either side of the canal, providing a safe channel of back roads to get in plus around Phoenix on bike or on foot. If I want to visit the Phoenix Art Museum for example, I can take the AZ Canal to AZ Falls before resuming the rest of the trip heading southwest. The Phoenix Art Museum has drastically warm heat during the winters in AZ, even when the weather outside isn’t too intense. Phoenix has several other superb museums as well, including the giant Musical Instrument Museum, the Heard Museum, AZ Science Center, plus the AZ Capitol Museum. Some of these locations are better than others when it comes to seasonal heating plus cooling indoors. It’s recognizably pressing in an art museum to maintain the humidity levels indoors so that the artifacts can be preserved for generations to come.



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