The Seattle corporate apartment is across the street from a club plus cannabis bar

My company sent myself and others to Seattle for a six-month assignment, and i arrived a couple of afternoons ago plus I haven’t been able to get a lot of sleep, the corporate apartment is across the street from a club plus cannabis bar.

The club is open until 5 a.m.

plus they serve cannabis plus alcohol at all times of the night. It’s extremely loud outside plus I consistently hear music blasting from the speakers inside of the club. I would move to a strange arena, however the supplier pays for this apartment. I would have to spend our own money on a hotel plus that’s not going to toil for 6 weeks, and last weekend I was easily miserable plus I decided to go across the street to complain to the supervisor about the noise. I didn’t expect the supervisor to be a lady that was the same age as me. I expected a young lady to toil at the Seattle cannabis shop. The lady was much nicer than I expected to, plus she immediately apologized for the noise distraction plus turned down the sound system, and she gave to supply myself and others a free cannabis pre-roll to help myself and others sleep better that evening. I told the cannabis shop supervisor that I was not a marijuana smoker. She insisted that I needed to learn more about medical plus recreational marijuana plus gave to take myself and others out for a night in Seattle to show myself and others a nice time. I didn’t expect to find a date when I went to the marijuana bar to complain, however that is exactly what occurred on that night.


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