This housing market is really so crazy

Living in the northern section of the country made myself and others used to a lot of things that the people I was with and I don’t have here in the Tampa Bay area.

For one, I remember being in a community of people who tapped their own trees for maple syrup.

My state is renowned from one end of the country to the next for its delicious maple syrup exports. Both of us had a friend who owned an artisan maple syrup business & the people I was with and I gained jars of syrup as Christmas presents on more than one occasion. I was always ecstatic to gain this delicious syrup, regardless of the reason. Moving to Tampa took a lot of changing at first. The weather here is much warmer than my cabin up north, & that is good & exhausting depending on how you look at it. I appreciate having a mild winter, but that comes at the cost of an ridiculously hot summer time season that never seems to end. I also miss being able to use a fireplace in the Winter time season, as there aren’t a ton of homes in the Tampa Bay section that have fireplaces inside. If I can afford to, I want to buy some land in Parrish & build a custom cabin in the countryside. I would surely put a chimney & a wood stove inside. In this location, you’re still close to the bay while being nestled in a rural environment. One of my friends in university had a bestie who lived in Parrish. It was fun taking the drive down Interstate 75 from my loft in Brandon that I was residing in at the time.


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