Vegas has grown exponentially

I moved to Las Vegas, NV, back in 1995, and i have been residing here for more than 20 years, but during the past numerous decades, a lot of things have changed, but recreational marijuana was legalized 10 years ago; Since the legalization of recreational marijuana, the town has grown exponentially, then there are more than fifty weird recreational marijuana shops within the Las Vegas town limits, however many of the shops are on the strip plus close to the casinos.

The number of casinos in Las Vegas has also doubled in the last 20 years.

It seems adore there is new construction typically occurring on one building or another. I have a task working in the home office at one of the busiest casinos. The place is typically packed with people… All of us serve breakfast, supper, supper, plus a midnight buffet. The midnight Buffet is typically one of the most interesting meals of the afternoon. Most of the people who take fortune of the midnight buffet are drunk or have been using recreational marijuana. The only people awake at that time of the evening are people that are spending a lot of time celebrationing, however last weekend one of the hotel guests caused a scene at the buffet. The guy tried to sneak a whole tray of cheese danishes back to his room. All of us don’t normally say anything to people that try to take food back to the room, but this guy had a whole garbage bin filled with food. There was no way all of us could allow him to take all of those things out of the dining room.


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