You have to regulate your marijuana

I decided to take a holiday to Toronto this year to experience Ontario for the first time. I live in Edmonton, Alberta and have only been as far east as Saskatchewan. The company that I work for gives me paid leave every year and last year I took a trip to the west coast to see Vancouver, British Columbia. I drove across the Yellowhead Highway west through the Columbia Mountains and then turned southward onto the Southern Yellowhead Highway. I followed toward Kamloops and then got onto the Coquihalla Highway to go straight into Vancouver. Seeing the pacific ocean in June is a beautiful experience, especially when the weather is cooperative and produces pleasant, sunny days. For Toronto, I decided to buy a plane ticket and fly into Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport and then rent a car to get to my hotel in Old Toronto. Part of the reason I wanted to fly to Toronto for a holiday is because of the sheer number of cannabis dispensaries in the neighborhood compared to Edmonton. The access to marijuana in Canada is limited, with Vancouver being the capital for weed. But after Vancouver, it’s tough to beat Toronto when you compare all of the major cities in Canada. Toronto has over 250 unusual cannabis dispensaries within the city, and that’s not counting areas appreciate Mississauga, Brampton, and Oakville. I bought a few pre-rolled joints of a sativa strain called Ghost Train Haze from a dispensary in Downtown Toronto. As I was headed towards the St. Lawrence Market, I could guess the THC kicking in and sending waves of euphoria across my body. I got too high to fully appreciate this indoor public market and its many booths and businesses inside.

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