Although you can traverse the Tampa Bay section in a number of ways, numerous people rely on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge everyday to get to and from their places of employment and other endpoints important to their yearly lives.

Even though the bridge is vast and tall in its centermost point, the water beneath the bridge never gets deeper than 85 feet.

This might seem care about a lot, however Puget Sound alongside Seattle is over 900 feet deep by comparison. That’s more than 2 Sunshine Skyway Bridges stacked on top of one another, before even cutting the surface of the water. The size and scale of Puget Sound’s depth blows our mind whenever I recognize about it. I got honestly stoned one night in our home in Fremont and thought about how long it would take to dive to the bottom of the water in Puget Sound, and it brought on a wave of thalassophobia. I did some research and l received there are 71 different shore diving points for people that are braver than I and want to explore the depths below. Whenever I get these feelings of anxiety, I reach for a strain of cannabis that has a lot of CBD in it. The CBD balances the cerebral intensity of THC. That’s why ratio products, which have an equal amount of CBD and THC inside, are so popular among medical marijuana patients that need physical and mental relief without getting too “high” or intoxicated. Lots of the traditional cannabis sold in Seattle dispensaries has little to no CBD in it, so anyone with a low tolerance could definitely get too intoxicated.


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