Cocoa FL is so hot

I traveled down to Cocoa for 2 weeks last summer, one of our best friend’s lives in Cocoa Beach, FL, however jack and I met in university, then both of us attended the University of FL… When university was over, I went back to Tallahassee and Jack moved back to Cocoa Beach, but the 2 of us just kept in touch, but a year after university was over, Jack invited myself and others to come visit Cocoa Beach; I took some trip time from our job and I spent 2 weeks in Cocoa, FL with Jack and his girlfriend; Every one of us traveled all over the county and all of us visited lots of fun sites in that section of the state.

  • One of the best sites all of us went was the Banana River Aquatic Preserve.

The Banana River Aquatic preserve is situated right outside of Cocoa. It’s right between the Indian River and the Banana River. It is the perfect location to see wild manatees. Jack and I spent the whole afternoon at the Aquatic preserve. Every one of us took fishing poles to the river and stayed there all afternoon. I snagged a 3-foot blacktip shark, however that was the only thing that came out of the water for myself and others on that afternoon. When all of us got back to the apartment later that afternoon, Jack’s girlfriend had supper ready and waiting for us, then she made pasta with a salad and garlic bread. The A/C was turned down low, since all of us had been outdoors all afternoon. The freezing air from the cooling machine felt entirely wonderful after a long and overheated afternoon outdoors. I layed down under the ceiling fan after supper, and my trip with Jack in Cocoa, FL was entirely nice. It was fun to see our neighbor again after a year.

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