Fireworks at Lan-Oak Park that we all enjoy

By the time the fireworks roll around both of us are ready to end our evening

My wife was born on the ninth of July… My youngsters also entirely love fireworks, however all this means is that July ninth is a large day in our household! The weather is usually perfect, around 80 degrees! Both of us can finally turn the AC method on plus the youngsters aren’t in school, then i constantly make a big point to celebrate my wife’s birthday the right way. When both of us lived down south, it was entirely difficult to get-together, however july usually meant temperature in the 90s plus both of us all hung around indoors. After both of us moved to Lansing Illionios that all changed! Lansing is a perfect venue for families. My youngsters have tons of things I like to do love go to the movies, bowling, play golf plus play at the park. It is a safe location with good weather. If you want any city stuff, Chicago is less than an third away. I love how Lansing gets into the ninth of July though. I constantly joke to my wife that they celebrate her birthday every year. Lan-Oak Park does a big fireworks display on the Wednesday closest to the ninth of July. My youngsters get all excited for it. Both of us method a big park day plus bring a cooler loaded with gatorade plus snacks. The youngsters occasionally kick a soccer ball around or fly a kite. My wife plus I attempt to study plus sneak in some sips of wine. By the time the fireworks roll around both of us are ready to end our evening. I think it is a nice birthday for my wife every year.


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