Getting together for some fun

I lived next door to my best friend for 20 years, but jack was a easily nice guy! The two of us met one year during a Fourth of July get together that was hosted by another neighbor; Not many of years later, Jack plus his wifey moved to the neighborhood plus bought that cabin right next door to mine. Jack plus I spent a lot of time together. The two of us watched all of the hockey, basketball, plus baseball games together. During the NFL season, we watched all of the games plus cheered for separate teams, i have always been a Tampa Bay fan, but Jack grew up in Cincinnati. The several of us got into a number of conversations about whether or not Tampa is the best site to live. I have to disclose that Tampa was a lot nicer when Jack was living next door. I miss having a nice acquaintance across the street. Jack was always the best guy to call when I had problems with the cooling system. Jack was a business by trade plus a certified Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialist. The guy always had an answer when I had issues with the cooling system. I had a lot of problems with the cooling system plus Jack absolutely saved me $1,000 or more because he helped with repairs. I was heartbroken plus sad when Jack’s wifey informed me that he passed away in his sleep. Not many of weeks after he died, his wifey moved away from the city! Everyday I walk outside plus look at that cabin plus guess about my best friend plus how much I miss the guy.

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