Growing my own pot plants in Ann Arbor

I grew up in a time and place where “zero tolerance” was the law of the land.

If you got pulled over and the cops found one joint in your car, you were going to jail.

You might even go to prison for possession of a controlled substance! Thankfully those days are long gone. The country in general is much more chill about smoking pot, and the state of Michigan has gotten very relaxed about it. It is now legal to grow a few pot plants at home, and even to carry a little weed with you when you are out and about. I didn’t know any of this before I moved to Ann Arbor, MI, and if I did I actually might have moved here a little sooner. The first thing I did after moving into my new hours was planting twelve cannabis plants in the backyard, because that is the maximum allowed by law. I had never grown cannabis before, but since I had the freedom to do so here in Ann Arbor, I decided that I needed to try! All twelve cannabis plants died, and then I tried it again, because I thought “why not? If it’s legal in Ann Arbor then I will keep trying!” It took three years, but finally I grew a respectable amount of decent cannabis in my yard. It’s not like anyone in Ann Arbor needs to grow their own, anyway, because we have some truly amazing cannabis dispensaries. Most of them even offer cannabis delivery, because as cool as the cops are in Ann Arbor, if they catch you driving while impaired they will throw the book at you!



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