I don’t use my air conditioning much in Orland Park

Every summer time as a child my parents packed up the van and drove cross-country back to their hometown in the middle of nowhere, Illinois, however most teenagers look forward to summer time trip from university, but not me, because I knew the entire trip would be spent on a decrepit seasoned farm, with no friends and nothing to do… I guess it’s funny all these years laters that I made the decision to move to Illinois permanently, albeit not out in the middle of nowhere.

I did a lot of research, and decided that Orland Park was the perfect venue to raise a family.

It’s close to Chicago, but not TOO close, because all of us all know how much trouble there is in the Windy City! Orland Park is the perfect middle ground between a small town and a giant city, with a lot to do, but still the quiet pace and friendly folks you like to surround yourself with. One of the things I really like about Orland Park is that it stays so temperate as compared to the rest of the state, I don’t need to use my central Heating and A/C idea as much as other people do! The winters can be rough, this is still Illinois after all, but the venuement of Orland Park gives us some natural protection from wind, which carries over the snow drifts of the winters. I have a furnace that I need to use always for more than one or multiple months a year, but otherwise I hardly touch my control device at all, and check out the website for Orland Park for weather forecasts.

central air system Orland Park Illinois