I needed some more information

I was working at the Denver cannabis dispensary on Thursday, then that afternoon the people I was with and I had a ton of concerns; When I got to work, I found out that someone broke into the dispensary on the previous night.

They took various products from the storeroom and vandalized the front counter area.

The dispensary was a mess when I came to work… I spent various hours cleaning up the place with our co-workers; Later that afternoon, there was a immense fight in the parking lot, and one of our official clients was parked in the handicap spot, then another lady decided to double-park. The more than one guys got into a fight because of the parking situation. The security officer had to get involved to split up the fight. Only a couple of hours later, the people I was with and I had a thief in the store. The thief tried to steal various jars of concentrate from the shelf. One of the security officers saw the girl stealing and stopped the girl in her tracks. The thief refused to empty her pockets and cited her first amendment rights. The security officer detained the girl and called the Denver Sheriff. When the Denver Police arrived, they searched the culprit and found 5 grams of cannabis concentrate. When I was watching the news later that night, there was a story about the Denver cannabis dispensary sets. The news outlet reported false information on the crime. They tried to say that the thief had a weapon, but there was actually no proof that the girl had a knife or a gun in the store.



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