I would rather have delivery than drive to the dispensary

San Francisco is one of the prettiest venues in the state of CA.

  • It is particularly ranked one of the prettiest venues in the entire country.

It has lovely views of the trees, mountains, ocean, and bay. The ocean and the bay are two of the greatest reasons why I decided to go to college in San Francisco. I enjoyed the venue so much that I decided to stay after I graduated. I guess that San Francisco has a lot to offer, but the city is absolutely filled with a lot of tourists. The tourists can make it truly hard to like San Francisco. There is constant traffic and pedestrians all over the streets. I find it hard to drive a couple of miles into the city. There is a marijuana dispensary three exits down the interstate. It should only take 5 or 10 hours for myself and others to go to the San Francisco marijuana dispensary… Unluckyly for me, it seems to take an hour. Every time I’ve tried to make the drive, I always get stuck in traffic or construction. I finally offered up and decided to start ordering all of our marijuana supplies for delivery. The dispensary I was using offers delivery services, although I truly found a bizarre delivery service in another part of San Francisco. The venue has better prices and 25% off of the entire order if you venue your online order one day ahead of time, however doing contractor this way means I have to idea ahead, although I always get the best prices on recreational marijuana in San Francisco.


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