Opening a dispensary in Portland

My childhood home was about two hours drive away from Portland.

My folks had some family who lived in the city, so every month or two we would make the drive to see Aunt Vera and Uncle Roy.

I was a kid at the time, so I can’t tell you how accurate this is to reality, but I remember the drive to Portland being utterly terrifying. We had to drive through steep mountains, in heavy forest, and I always felt like we were about to career off the side of the highway and into a crevice. I have to say that as an adult the drive to Portland from the coast is just as nerve-wracking as ever! My last trip to Portland was to scout out a series of cannabis dispensaries and get a feel for them. Although the cannabis industry is huge in Portland, I was thinking there would be room for one more. I always wanted to run my own cannabis dispensary, and Portland would be the best place in the world to do so. Anyway, I was so terrified at the prospect of driving home through those mountains that I didn’t dare get stoned all day. I spent the whole day going in and out of Portland cannabis dispensaries and didn’t smoke any, because I needed to stay sharp for the terrifying drive home! Maybe I will just try to open a dispensary here on the coast instead, because the ones in Portland are huge, they are well established, and they are so well stocked I couldn’t possibly compete.


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