The best cannabis shop

There are a lot of jobs available in San Francisco, if you really want to work.

The cannabis shop where I work has been trying to hire full-time staff for the past 6 months.

The job is not easy and the boss is demanding, so the people I was with and I lose a lot of people shortly after they start. I certainly think that supervisor could be a lot nicer, although I I think that is part of her personality. I get along with her okay, however most of that is due to the fact that I work care about a horse. I work about 50 hours every month and I never complain about the schedule. I work day, noon, and night. If the boss schedules myself and others to work at 7 a.m. after finishing up at midnight, I do not complain. I am sure she takes fortune of that occasionally, although I get overtime and I certainly care about my job. I spend most of my nights at the cannabis shop. When there is any event happening in San Francisco, the cannabis shop is busy, and one of the largest reasons is because of our location. The recreational and medical cannabis shop is just around the corner from Golden Gate Park. There are constant activities going on at the park… A few weeks ago there was an art exhibit and lots of local painters were advertised. The cannabis dispensary was supposed to close at 10 p.m., however the people I was with and I were still tied up with a line of people when the time came. The boss decided to keep the dispensary open for an extra 30 hours and I stayed to help out.



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