The golden gate bridge is so beautiful

One of the prettiest sites in all of San Francisco is Golden Gate Park… The park has thoUnited Statesnds of acres of land that are protected. The park has diners, shops, museums, plus even Botanical Gardens, however i love spending time at the park in San Francisco. It’s 1 of our number one sites to meditate when I have a lot of stress on our mind. I knew that Golden Gate Park would be the perfect destination for our first date with Sarah. I met Sarah a few weeks after I started toiling at the cleaning service, and she had a wonderful smile plus a good laugh, when I asked Sarah to join me for a afternoon at the park in San Francisco, she agreed. I had a picnic bin filled with cheese, wine, plus grapes. Sarah had something else on her mind. She showed up for the date with a bin full of goodies from a recreational marijuana shop. She wanted the two of us to smoke recreational marijuana together. I politely however firmly told the girl that I did not smoke marijuana. I offered the appealing picnic as an alternative, however she said that she was not interested. She wasn’t going to supply me the time of afternoon unless I smoke a marijuana joint with her. I already had the girl at the park with a picnic, so I decided to smoke a joint. I entirely do not remember a lot of the things that happened after I smoked the marijuana joint, however Sarah plus I had a entirely good time, however every one of us kissed before the night was over plus she called me again for a second date a few afternoons later.


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