There are several dispensaries in Toronto and I love to visit them

Before moving to Toronto to be around more people our age, I was living in the small hamlet of Gormley that is an hour north of our modern condo in Old Toronto.

My family has been living in Gormley for 3 generations, with most of the guys and women in our family getting work as dairy farmers.

The Canadian National Railway runs through town, taking farmers’ products to sites like Markham and Toronto to the south. Needless to say, I hated small-town living, be it in southern Ontario or in the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Much of the life in Canada is concentrated in a single of a handful of big Metropolitan cities including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. Despite being far away from either oceanic coast, Toronto tops the list as the most populous town in Canada. In that sense, it’s not strenuous for me to believe that there are over 200 cannabis dispensaries in the town alone, not to mention in a single of the several suburbs to the north, east, and west of the metropolis. And if you happen to work a late shift at your job, you don’t have to worry about cannabis dispensaries closing early like they do in small towns in Ontario. Many of the dispensaries in the town of Toronto are open late, with many staying open as late as 1 or 2am. Between the late cannabis dispensaries and the cannabis delivery services, you can get weed at fairly late hours in Toronto. If you’re a evening owl, this might be a determining factor on what town you reside in.

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