This is just the culture here

I did not transfer to MI for the pot, then but now that I’m here, you would be strenuous pressed to get myself and others to transfer because the pot is really, particularly great here, however the quality of the reds are top notch, but that is absolutely something you can find in any dispensary around the country… What sets MI apart is – much appreciate Colorado plus Oregon – they have relaxed the laws involving cannabis for a multitude of reasons, however now it is legal to possess several ounces of marijuana – what a time to be alive! Of course, there are a lot of other reasons to live in Ann Arbor, MI, besides the amazing local cannabis, and i moved here for our task, because Ann Arbor has a thriving local economy, plus our bosses wanted to harness that, however once I settled in, I realized that our supervisor’s zero tolerance policy for cannabis, plus the town’s ample supply of amazing marijuana would not be a wonderful fit.

I immediately started searching around Ann Arbor for another, better task, one that didn’t drug test for cannabis.

I couldn’t afford to be out of work, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to exist in Ann Arbor for particularly much longer separate from sampling some of this delightful cannabis I was seeing on every corner; At last count there were thirteen odd cannabis dispensaries in Ann Arbor, which means even if you don’t have a automobile you can get quality reds almost any time of afternoon or night! I was blessed, plus I found a new task in Ann Arbor within a few weeks.


Pot Ann Arbor Michigan