After the rain started, I decided to change to delivery

There really isn’t much rain in the city of San Francisco.

When it does rain, the rain doesn’t last very long.

The weather is one of the reasons why I decided to move to San Francisco. I lived in Northern California for a long time. I loved being near the mountains, but it was tiring to continuously deal with snow, ice, and rain during the fall and winter months. When I was offered a job working in San Francisco, I jumped on the chance to move to a new place. I had to find an apartment with a roommate, because it is extremely expensive to live in the city. Fortunately, I had plenty of money and a great personality. I found an apartment a few blocks away from a medical & recreational marijuana dispensary. The marijuana dispensary was easily within walking distance of the apartment and that made it very easy for me to get supplies anytime I needed. No dispensary also offers delivery services. I rarely use the delivery service, because I don’t order that much marijuana and you need to spend $75 in order to qualify for free delivery. Last Friday I placed a pick up order at the San Francisco marijuana dispensary location. It started raining just as I was getting dressed to leave the apartment. It was raining much harder than the forecast predicted. I didn’t want to walk three blocks in the rain, so I contacted the San Francisco marijuana dispensary and asked the budtender to change my order from pickup to delivery. She was happy to assign the order to a driver coming to the neighborhood.



Marijuana Pick-up San Fransisco California