All sales were final, even on the edibles

My friends and I live in Glendale, California.

Sometimes we spend the day in Santa Monica, when the weather is warm and comfortable.

There are a lot of fun places in Santa Monica to visit like the pier, ocean, and the Promenade. Last time my friends and I drove out to Santa Monica, we stopped in Beverly Hills. One of my friends is looking for a specific purpose and she thought the shop in Beverly Hills might have the item. I suggested we call, so we wouldn’t have to actually stop and find parking, but my friend wanted to check out all of the items in the shop, especially after she found out that they did have the purse. We stopped in Beverly Hills for an hour. I was a little aggravated, because I wanted to spend the day at the beach, not shopping on Rodeo Drive. After we left the purse store, we made a short detour to a recreational marijuana dispensary in Beverly Hills. My friends rolled their eyes when I mentioned going to the dispensary, but I didn’t care if they were aggravated or not. I bought a disposable cannabis vape pen and the dispensary. I smoked it in the car the rest of the way to the beach. I rolled the window down, but I smoked the entire way to the beach. When we finally arrived, someone made a comment about everyone smelling like marijuana. I looked at everyone in the backseat with a dangerous stare. They wasted two of my beach hours in Beverly Hills and they were going to lecture me on etiquette?

Pot Beverly Hills California