At the airport, there were signs everywhere for marijuana

My sister was on a game show in Hollywood and she won tickets for the two of us to spend a week in Beverly Hills.

We were in one of the swankiest hotels in Beverly Hills.

The place was bigger than a castle. My sister was already in California, but I had to fly to the West Coast and I went straight to Beverly Hills. When I arrived at the airport, there were a lot of things that shocked and surprised me. I was amazed by the number of advertisements for recreational and medical marijuana. On the East Coast, there aren’t a lot of states that have legal recreational marijuana. They definitely don’t have signs all over the airport. Seeing the cannabis signs in Beverly Hills was a shock to my system and something that I did not expect. My sister and I went from the airport right to the hotel in Beverly Hills. We had room service every night of the week and everything was paid for in the package that my sister won. While we were in the hotel, we saw an advertisement for a marijuana delivery service. The service would bring marijuana right to our front door at the hotel. It was the strangest and most novel thing that I saw when I was in California. It seemed like we were in an entirely different country, but we were right here in the United States of America. It’s hard to believe that marijuana is illegal in some parts of the country and sold like cigarettes and beer in other parts of the country.
Weed Beverly Hills California