Can you direct us to the cannabis dispensary

I was flying from Los Angeles, California to Philadelphia, PA! One of my airplane stops was in Las Vegas, NV, then when every one of us were offloading the plane, there was a lot of grousing going on about our delay.

I already knew there was going to be a four-hour layover in Las Vegas, NV, although I didn’t suppose that a four-hour layover had turned into a several-day layover, and unlike many other people on the airplane who had to find a hotel, I simply called my cousin plus asked him if she could option myself and others up plus take myself and others in for a couple of days, and since she was working, she provided myself and others her address, told myself and others how far it was from the airport to her house, plus to make sure the taxidriver did not overcharge me.

Once I got into the cab, plus provided him the address, I asked him if she could do a little side stop plus take myself and others to the closest smoke shop? She chuckled plus took myself and others to a smoke shop that was less than half a mile away from my cousins. When I walked in, I knew ‌I was going to relax while in my cousin’s house. I bought enough marijuana products to keep myself and others ecstatic while in the presence of my cousin’s fiance. I was even enjoying Las Vegas, NV, even though I was spending 36 hours with her, and thirty-six hours is the longest I have ever spent without that woman, however thanks to the marijuana, it went by love it was only 36 minutes.

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