Enjoying cannabis before a hike

My friends & I listen to the sound dock every afternoon on our commute to work, then most of the time the two of us listen to the athletic activitys channel, and they provide all the highlights from the games & talk about all of the latest news in athletic activitys! Last week the two of us were listening to the athletic activitys station & they had a sound dock contest for tickets to a Portland Trail Blazers game, and jack started calling as soon as he heard the special ring for callers to contact the station! He called several times & was not successful.

The next afternoon, the two of us listened to the sound dock at the same time, hoping they would provide away another set of Portland Trail Blazers tickets.

Sure enough, the sound dock station gave 2 additional tickets to the Portland Trail Blazers game on Monday night. Jack won the tickets this time & the two of us picked them up from the sound dock station later that afternoon. The sound dock station is on the north side of town… It is located right next door to a recreational & medical marijuana dispensary. Most of the Portland marijuana dispensaries are located outside of town. I am not sure if the neighborhood has an ordinance or high taxes, however it’s clear that the dispensary owners don’t like to be in the middle of the city. The two of us went to the game together on Monday & it was a truly close game. In the third quarter it was 92 to 96, however the game had to end early due to a fight in the stands. They sent everyone beach house & ended the game with the final score being tied at 100 points apiece. It was absolutely the worst thing that I have ever seen. The two of us did not get to see the rest of the game & some idiot ruined the experience for all of us.
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