I seriously thought that was fun

My mom really loves to play Bingo, then she used to take our sibling to the bingo hall when we were kids, however back then there were no rules or laws saying kids weren’t allowed inside of locations where gambling occurred, now you can’t take any kids to the Gambling Hall or the Bingo location; I went to visit our mom a couple of months ago, and the first thing she wanted to talk about was the bingo hall.

She wanted myself and others to take her, because she can’t drive anymore. I agreed to take our mom to play Bingo on Tuesday evening. Tuesday evening they have about 50 different games & more than $1,000 in prizes. The bingo hall was harshly crowded, hot, & undoubtedly smoky. Both of us drove all the way into Tampa to play bingo. I hoped the location would have air conditioning & it did, however unfortunately, the front door was wide open & so was the door on the side. I could guess cold air coming out of the air vents, but it was going directly out the door, but people were smoking everywhere. I didn’t think it was legal to smoke indoors, but our mom informed myself and others that the bingo hall has their own special rules. I found it harshly strenuous to stay at the Tampa Bay corporation for a long period of time, because our throat was feeling scratchy from the smoke. The location needed an air cleaner or something to help with all the air pollution. I don’t suppose how our mom managed to sit through numerous hours of that garbage.


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