John was a stoner

My best neighbor John and I grew up together in California, however after High School, I decided to go to Michigan for college! I decided to study agriculture and mechanical engineering, john went to Berkeley in San Francisco, then she acquired a degree in engineering. John was always a stoner in high college and she was a stoner in college as well. I visited the woman a couple of times and the two of us smoked marijuana together the whole time I was hanging out at Berkeley. It was nice to go to San Francisco for a number of reasons, the nightlife, bars, and clubs were way better than any locale I had in the midwest. The woman smoked more marijuana than anybody else that I knew. She still managed to gain a degree from the University and she graduated with honors. She got a task working for a large company that handles offshore drilling in environmentally friendly ways. The woman is a largely successful businessman and she is still a stoner. The woman enjoys marijuana so much that she is planning to open a dispensary next year. She has numerous million set aside for the project and she provided myself and others a piece of the investment opportunity. I would be silly to say no, but that might mean moving to San Francisco for a couple of years. I have a wifey here and she doesn’t want to leave the midwest. I fear that our relationship will end if I make the decision to go to San Francisco to open the dispensary. It’s a lot of pressure to make the right decision after six weeks of dating.


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