Relaxing on the weekend

I really appreciate our job working with teenagers.

I run the youth education program at the Museum in San Francisco.

I plan on all of the activities for educational field trips. I really appreciate the job and I get to toil with children. I have a degree in elementary education and a master’s in Natural History. I thought I would end up teaching science or history, however the job at the San Francisco museum is one of the most amazing options that I have ever had. It’s expensive to live in San Francisco, however I live just outside of the town in a one-bedroom apartment. I have a animal to keep myself and others company, and on the weekends, I relax by surfing and smoking marijuana. It’s really nice to live in a place like San Francisco, because marijuana is legal for recreational use. I can actually go to a number of different dispensaries to purchase the products. The San Francisco marijuana dispensaries have hundreds of different products and it’s easy to find something totally amazing, however when I finish at the Museum, I instantaneously start thinking about our Monday at the beach with our surfboard and a fat marijuana blunt, but some of our favorite streams are the Indica dominant hybrids that make myself and others think very relaxed and comfortable without taking away all of our energy to get things done, and blue dream and Girl Scout cookies are truly some of our favorites, because they really toil good and they are easy to find at a low price no matter which San Francisco marijuana dispensary I visit.


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